Where’s the outrage?

George Zimmerman’s trial in Sanford, FL has begun…  it has, in fact, begun its second week…

This morning, I was thinking of this tragedy, the death of Trayvon Martin at the hand of George Zimmerman (a tragedy for both the Martin and Zimmerman families), as I was remembering a Facebook post I saw yesterday.  The post showed a link to a blog posting whose author copied a couple of short paragraphs from a second blog…  It was a posting where the headline read:

Black Teens Beat 50 Year-Old Man With Hammer Near Sanford, FL… Media Silent

Along with the headline, were pictures of the two African American youth who were arrested in connection with this crime…  and above their pictures, the questions:

Where’s the outrage?… Where are the protesters?… Where are Al and Jesse?

This blog post had originally been posted (to the blog) on April 3, 2012…  And the person who was sharing it on Facebook, shared it yesterday, June 30, 2013… and it was shared with the comment:

Where is the outrage? Hey! Al Sharpton! Oh… That’s right… The victim is a white guy! Who’s a racist?

Some thoughts:

The crime headlined in the blog post was originally reported on April 2, 2012 by WFTV.com, tv channel 9 news, out of Orlando, FL, and does not mention the victim’s race…  but does mention the two suspects’ arrest, charges and the fact that they were jailed without bond.  It was a good short story, and I must say that if there was enough evidence to link these two young African Americans to the crime and to charge them, I am glad they were being held without bond…

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office apparently did a good and quick job of investigating the crime and apprehended the suspects fairly quickly…  two African American young men, accused of attempted homicide and a few other things, apprehended and jailed quickly… I’m guessing this all happened within a few days of the crime…

It did not take weeks of protest by people of all ethnicities, and a special prosecutor appointed by Gov. Rick Scott, for these African American young men to be arrested… the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department just did their job like they should have…

Maybe, if the Sanford Police Department had done their job, there would have been no need for the weeks of protest and the appointment of a special prosecutor before the individual who admittedly shot and killed Trayvon Martin, would finally be arrested, charged and, in due time, as he has been this past week, brought before a judge and jury for trial, according to our laws…

All that being said, I really hate it when people compare and contrast the details of separate crimes… especially when race is involved…  you know, “Black men charged with attempted homicide of a not-sure-what-race-but-assumed-white man” versus a “Hispanic man who shot and killed a young Black man”… and because there were weeks of protests, led primarily by African American activists in the one case, and not in the other, the activists are supposed to be racists???


And we wonder why there is still a problem between the various races and ethnicities in the United States…

As long as these types of comparisons and statements continue to be made, fueling the prejudice, anger and hatred that some people have for those of other races and ethnicities, healing and reconciliation between the different ethnicities and races will never happen in our country.

My “outrage” in this instance is not against the accused perpetrators of these crimes… oh, don’t misunderstand… I believe that what happened to the victims of the crimes was wrong, and those who are finally judged (by law) to be responsible should be held accountable… but in this instance of comparing the two cases, my outrage is really for those who would use such tragic situations and stories to try to continue to fan the flames of prejudice, anger and hatred between different peoples in the United States…

But… sadly, I do know that there are those people in our country who do not want such things as prejudice, anger and hatred between different peoples to go away… more’s the pity and the shame…


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