Benghazi re-visited… over and over and over and…

I saw it again today on FaceBook…  although almost everyday one can find something like this:

“Like” if you agree that there needs to be congressional hearings to find out what Obama is covering up about Benghazi!!

Either there are things being covered up about the attack in Benghazi…


Some people are so desperate to find something to call a scandal and hang around President Obama’s neck, that they just refuse to believe or accept the results from other hearings that have already been held on Benghazi…  Because the information and results that came from other hearings on the subject did not produce the results they wanted to hear… so of course those results, those findings can’t be true…  Almost as if unless they hear what they want to hear, whether it is the truth or not, they will keep calling for congressional investigations…

So here is my question…

After President Obama’s 2nd term in office is over… and nothing more has been found about Benghazi, besides what is already known… or new things have been found out, but nothing that indicates wrongdoing on the part of President Obama (so… no scandal to attach to President Obama’s name; nothing that can be used to impeach him, as people also seem to be calling for)…

And a new President of the United States has been chosen and duly sworn into office  (no… the laws are not going to somehow be surreptitiously changed so that President Obama could possibly be elected to a 3rd term… there will be someone new in office come January 1, 2017)…

Will there still be calls for congressional hearings into Benghazi?


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