NRA “think” on guns, the Boston Marathon bombing and gun control…

The NRA and Wayne LaPierre are at it again…  This time they are tying in the Boston Marathon bombing incident with gun control debates…

“How many Bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago?” LaPierre asked at his organization’s annual convention in Houston, Texas.

This was an interesting question from the outgoing NRA chief, Wayne LaPierre.  What good would it have done for Bostonians who don’t now possess a gun to have had one a couple weeks back during the Boston Marathon bombing incident?  And how would their owning a gun have been of help to anyone?

Would their owning a gun have stopped the bombs from being placed, or from being detonated?

Would their owning a gun have kept anyone from being killed or injured by the bombs’ blast?

To both questions, I would answer, “I think not”…

Maybe LaPierre is playing on fears people may have felt at the time… suggesting that if they had had a gun, they would not have been afraid?   Or maybe something far worse?… subtly suggesting that had they had guns, they could have drawn them and been out on the streets protecting themselves and others by looking for (and killing?) those responsible for the bombing…  I wouldn’t want to imagine how many innocent people might have been injured or killed in the chaos that would have resulted from that possibility!

And he talks about President Obama exploiting other gun tragedies for political gain…

I guess it’s NOT ok for President Obama (or any other lawmaker for that matter) to call for reasonable ways to try and curb gun violence, citing the recent tragic occurrences of gun violence and their resulting deaths and injuries as a reason for our needing to find ways to curb gun violence…

But yet…

It IS ok for LaPierre to play on peoples’ fears and suggest that owning a gun would somehow have made a difference in Boston a few weeks ago?

Shame on Wayne LaPierre for exploiting the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy strictly for his and his organization’s gain!

I must agree with one thing he said, though…

“Good guys with guns stopped terrorists with guns”.

But I think he is forgetting that it was the GOVERNMENT good guys… the local and state police, the FBI, the ATF… with guns who stopped the terrorists with guns…  not civilians running around “helter-skelter” with their guns blazing to the rescue…

Ah Lord… save us from the NRA!!!!

They may THINK that gun control measures will not curb or stop gun violence…

But I KNOW that more guns on the street will not curb or stop gun violence either…


One thought on “NRA “think” on guns, the Boston Marathon bombing and gun control…”

  1. “Those who put their faith in guns tend to favor hollow-point bullets that kill more effectively, the very basest of functions.”

    “Those who rely on guns and bullets to “save” them are filled with fear. They believe their brothers are out to get them, and that there is no loving Creator to protect them.”

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