Gun Violence…

Another sad, tragic, unconscionable act of violence perpetrated on children and adults by a troubled individual at an elementary school in Connecticut…  Or was he really “troubled”, whatever interpretation one might put on that word?  Or was he just someone that everyone thought was a normal person (at least until today), who had a bad day, became angry at family, had access to guns, and who decided to take action against those he was angry at, and anyone else who happened to be around, even if they were 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 year olds?  Does he suddenly become a “troubled individual” now because he has committed this horrible crime, causing devastation to so many others who were innocent?

No, he had to have been psychologically “troubled” before this…   surely there will be the doctors who will go on national television, as we all try to make sense of the senseless, and talk of how there probably were warning signs of the gunman being “troubled” before this incident took place today…  warning signs that family and friends somehow missed… or overlooked…

He can’t possibly have just been an ordinary person with no “troubled” past, who just happened to have a bad day…get angry about something…have access to guns and ammunition…and decide to use those guns and ammunition to act on his feelings of anger without real thought to the devastation his actions would cause…

He can’t be this ordinary, even if unthinking person… because if he was, then maybe, just maybe it might be true that we in the United States need to have a real, frank, rational, and meaningful discussion of controlling people’s access to guns!!!   Because it is more than criminals and deranged and troubled individuals who use guns to perpetrate violence every day!!

How many more people have to die?


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