Spoiler Alert… It is Not True…

Just when you might think that because the presidential election was over that people who dream up conspiracy theories about President Obama might give up… might come back to reality… might find something more constructive to do with their time… well, I guess one can always hope that this could happen… But just when you thought it might be all over… up pops another one… I heard it a day or so on the radio as someone was prophesying doom and gloom…

What is the new conspiracy theory?

Things are going to happen in the next four years that will allow President Obama to remain as President for a third term, making him the most powerful leader in the world.

That’s it… that is the new theory being told and advertised to instill fear into the hearts and minds of those who hear this idea…  The election is over, and our country, while beginning to improve economically, still faces great challenges…  It is a time in which the mandate for both parties in congress to work together for the good of the American people could not be clearer… a time in which we, as Americans need to pull together…

And yet there are those who would advertise this type of garbage in an attempt to further incite the fear and hatred that has risen to new lows in the past four to five years…  fear and hatred that would cause further separation and division in our great nation…

And unfortunately, there are those who would believe this garbage…

So spoiler alert… it is not true!!  President Obama will not have a third term as President of the United States… There will be another Presidential election in 2016, and President Obama will not be one of the candidates!!   Who knows, maybe “The Donald” will win this time?


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