Washington… Get to Work!!!

Yesterday in a post, I mentioned that citizens from the state of Florida were seeking signatures on a petition which asks the federal government to allow Florida to secede from the Union.  When I wrote the post, I was unaware that citizens from several other states were doing the same thing, and my immediate thoughts centered on the possibility that this was coming from individuals who “hated and feared” President Obama, and thought he was not a good or even adequate leader for our country.

With the poisonous atmosphere that has surrounded Washington politics for the past four years, as well as the variety of comments heard in the past four years designed to speak to peoples’ fears and prejudices, made by numerous spokespeople who opposed President Obama…comments that some thought were thinly disguised racial slurs, while others vigorously denied the racial quality imbedded in such comments…  Well, with all of this having happened, it would be easy to form the conclusion that the people from Florida who wanted to secede, wanted to do so because President Obama, who they perhaps considered a failure, had been re-elected.

However, since yesterday I have discovered that there are citizens from thirty-four different states who are seeking to petition for secession from the Union.  Of course, these petitions seem to be coming from private citizens, not state officials, with at least one state official, Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking out against the petition from Texas.

Perhaps, making the assumption that prejudice against President Obama was at the root of these petitions was a little premature… oh, there is probably some of that, but perhaps the greater reason is frustration with our elected officials… frustration with the congressional gridlock that has stymied growth within the United States and in my opinion, slowed down our economic recovery.

This would mean that people wish to secede not simply because we have an African American President, but because Senators and Representatives have been refusing to work “across the aisle” in order to solve the problems that the citizens of our nation face every day.  Perhaps it is because of this frustration that some of the citizens of our great nation want to take their marbles and go home and try to solve their own state’s problems for themselves, thinking their state would be better off if they turned inward, worried about home, and did not look beyond their borders at the problems faced by other states…

If this is true, that these secession petitions have come about mainly due to our federal government’s representatives – Senators and Congressional Representatives from each state – losing the trust that many of the people of the United States have given them, then I think our Senators and Representatives need to remember who they are supposed to be working for, and put ideology aside.  It is one thing to have convictions that drive political beliefs, but there also must be room for people of differing political thought to come to a consensus on the issues facing our great nation.

We as a nation need our leaders to be willing to work together and to be willing to reach consensus, which usually can only be achieved with some give and take from all sides…  It is in this way that the best ideas and solutions have always been hammered out… This is what has always made our nation great.

But we need our Senators and Representatives to work together for more reasons than our just being able to say we live in a great nation… we need our Senators and Representatives to work together because there are common problems that people in all the states of our nation face that cannot be solved by the people of individual states working by themselves.  The great state of Texas, the state of Florida, and all the other states where people are filing these petitions, would be less than they are today on their own… like it or not, all of us in each of the states, need the people of other states to make us what we are… each state is better off because it is part of our Union… together, as “one nation” we are far stronger than we would ever be as fifty individual “nation states”, even if those individual states were trying to work together…

Washington, you have a job to do…  Get to work!!!


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