Election Day 2012…

I am standing in line at my polling precinct waiting to vote… I’ve been here for about 45 minutes already. I could have voted early… I could have voted absentee… But I like to go vote on voting day!

I like to see democracy in action!! And it is encouraging to see the line continuing to grow as time goes on… Every election should be like this!!

People here are talking among themselves… There are supporters for President Obama as well as for Gov. Romney… all together waiting patiently and talking together… And this is how it should be here in America… Civility between people no matter who you are supporting!

Please, please go and vote today!! It is so important that all American citizens exercise the right that we have to choose our President and Commander-in-Chief!! It is a right that countless numbers of people have fought for and taken beatings for and been jailed for and even died for from the time our country came into being until today! It is a right that many in other countries wish they had!

Our political process is not always “pretty”… It is not always “civil”… There is often name calling and rancor and divisiveness as candidates run for office… And this election has been no different… But in the end, it is the method that we Americans have to choose our leaders…

It is the choice that we as American citizens make that determine who our leaders will be… Our leaders are an extension of us… We are our government! We are a country and a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”… And it is up to us to choose our leaders!

I just finished voting… Including time waiting in line, it took me two hours… I would have waited all day and into the night if it had been necessary… It is that important!!

Go vote!! Exercise your right and lift up your voice on this Election Day!!


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